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Responsible Gaming Policy

We are dedicated to creating a safe and responsible gaming environment. We prioritize preventing compulsive play and underage usage of our services. Our focus is entertainment, but some players may become addicted to games of chance. To avoid negative effects, play responsibly and moderately for a better experience.

Symptoms of gambling addiction can affect all aspects of life and include:

1.Continuing to gamble despite no money
2.Gambling with larger amounts for a 'high'
3.Repeated failed attempts to reduce gambling
4.Continuing to gamble despite negative consequences
5.Gambling to regain lost money
6.Lying about gambling behavior
7.Work problems from gambling
8.Selling possessions, borrowing, or stealing for gambling.

Prevention tips:

Assess for addictive behavior regularly
Seek professional help if you answer positively to any of the following questions:

1.Do you constantly think or plan gambling activities?
2.Do you need larger amounts to feel excited?
3.Do you struggle to reduce gambling?
4.Do you feel restless when limiting gambling?
5.Do you lie about gambling to loved ones?
6.Has gambling interfered with work, school, or relationships?
7.Do you gamble after losing money to make it up?
8.Do you borrow money for gambling?
9.Do you gamble when feeling anxious, sad, helpless, or guilty?

If your reply to any or some of these questions is in the affirmative, you should contact us and/ or seek professional help.